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As of the 2020 United States Census 10,285 people, 3,986 households, and 2,592 families were residing in the county.


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Real Property

Real property refers to land and any property which is directly attached to it, including any subset of land which has been changed by legitimate human acts. Real property can include ponds, buildings, reservoirs, canals, roads, and machinery.

Business Property

Business Property is any property in your business that is not realty. It is all movable items not permanently affixed or attached to part of the real estate. Business Property may be leased, loaned, rented, consigned, or owned outright.

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Location of Noxubee County, Mississippi

Distance to Major Markets

  • 86 miles to Tuscaloosa, AL

  • 126 miles to Jackson, MS

  • 138 miles to Birmingham, AL

  • 192 miles to Memphis, TN

  • 257 miles to New Orleans(port of New Orleans)

  • 282 miles to Atlanta, GA

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Motor Vehicles

Tags & Titles

Mississippi vehicle owners pay ad valorem taxes based on assessed value multiplied by local millage rates.

Renew Tag Online

Renew your vehicle tag or estimate the cost for a vehicle tag renewal.

Tag Renewal Estimation

Any changes to registration must be done in person at your local County Tax Collector’s Office and may affect how much your fees are.


2832 Jefferson Street Suite-2
Macon, MS 39341

Homestead Tax Exemption

Homestead Exemption is a privilege offered to eligible taxpayers by the State of Mississippi. The exemption is not granted automatically. An application must be filed and each taxpayer must qualify for the exemption.
Deadline: Jan 1 - Apr 1

You will need to file for Homestead if the following changes were made:

  • You bought property

  • You sold part of your homestead property

  • You bought more acres and want to add it to the existing homestead

  • You were married or divorced

  • You became 100% disabled

  • Your spouse died

  • You turned 65

Residential Property (Appraisal)

In order to pay land taxes, you will need your PPIN number or statement. If you did not receive your statement.
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Property Assessment

Five Classes of Property

Article 4, Section 112 of the Mississippi Constitution

  • Class 1 - Single-family, owner-occupied residential at 10%

  • Class 2 - All real property that is not Class 1 at 15%

  • Class 3 - Business personal property at 15%

  • Class 4 - Public utilities at 30%

  • Class 5 - Motor vehicles at 30%

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Tax Assessor/Collector

A Tax Assessor/Collector is a professional responsible for evaluating and determining the value of properties for taxation purposes. Their role is crucial in maintaining a fair and equitable tax system by ensuring that property owners pay their fair share of taxes based on the assessed value of their properties. The primary responsibility of a tax assessor is to assess the value of real estate properties within a specific jurisdiction. This involves conducting thorough research, analyzing property data, and considering various factors that contribute to a property's value, such as its location, size, condition, and any improvements or renovations made.

Valerie Harris

Tax Assessor/Collector